Jewelry is forever: a business card and a value that lasts over time. But, sometimes, choosing the right jewel is not easy and immediate. Which jewelry metal works best with both budget-friendly and stylish? What will look best with your different occasions? And what color will fit me best, gold or silver? If you are confused and a bit lost, start here with our fundamental guide to jewelry materials. As one of the oldest types of archaeological artifacts, jewelry is the most common form in cultures since 100,000 years of history, the oldest piece made from Nassarius shells thought to be the...

When coupon codes first began circulating, they were not often found on retailers' websites. Instead, coupon codes appeared on related shopping sites in order to lead shoppers to the retailer's online store. Today, many retailers continue to have coupons on related websites, but also offer one or more coupon codes on their store's websites or through weekly emails that are sent out to their customers.

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