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 women empowerment

Embrace femininity as your strength

We dream of a world of gender equality, where women will be taken seriously, have equal economic opportunities, and feel empowered to be who they want to be without any discrimination.

However, this is not today’s reality. 

Living in a fast-paced and highly competitive world, many women abandon their feminine side and adopt men’s behaviors to succeed. 

In the efforts to be taken more seriously or be viewed as "strong", women embody masculinity.

By emulating the alpha male culture that dominates many industries and organizations, the “Alpha Female” stands to gain protection, rise to higher ranks, and clout. As a result, these women sacrifice their essence and femininity in favor of power.

women empowerment

The truth is a symptom of something deeper …

For centuries, due to gender inequality, ladies have had to work harder to achieve basic rights. Getting a job or being promoted to a leadership position is statistically less likely than a man.

Female stereotypes are frequently portrayed in the media, TV, films, we consume every day. It shows femininity in women as a weakness to be hidden or overcome and manhood as a prerequisite for power and success.


Today we invite you to join our community and be part of restoring women’s femininity and create a bold, visible, and united force for gender equality.

Empowered women contribute to the health and happiness of their families, communities, and countries, creating a ripple effect that benefits everyone.

women empowerment


Women do not have to sacrifice their gentle side to become successful leaders. Femininity is a gift and an important strength because it comprises a significant and balancing principle of our human experience.

We founded Kora Garro to amplify women's voices around the world. Jewelry represents a symbol of womanhood. It has the power to highlight women’s personalities and bring out the best of their essence and inner beauty, making them feel gorgeous and confident.

Together we can make this dream come true.

⚜️  Make it meaningful ⚜️

Kora Garro Jewelry

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