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Our pieces are designed to harmoniously fits with your own style and to enhances your self-confidence to wear whatever you want. We are delighted to satisfy your yearning of wearing pieces of jewelry that express your everyday mood. These are the jewelry pieces you put on instinctively every morning, not worrying whether they match the outfit you end up wearing -because they always do.

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achieve gender equality koragarro

Achieve gender equality

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Women’s Empowerment Principles

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Global Compact's work

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Harry Potter Decorations, Personalized Potterhead Gift, Kora Garro

#HARRY Potter - Wizarding world Decorations

⚡️Ready to host a spellbinding Harry Potter-themed party? Our HP Collection serve the best  for you from mystical invitations to bewitching party favors, this complete guide has everything you need for an enchanting celebration!

Make your Harry Potter party a truly enchanting experience with these personalized ideas and wow your guests with a night they'll never forget! ⚡️

Unleash Your Wizarding World

Wedding Gift Ideas

Celebrate love and happiness with Kora Garro's Wedding & Anniversary Collection. Our unique map art, song lyrics, and "The Story of Us" designs perfectly capture the special moments and memories of your journey together. Perfect for newlyweds and blended families, these personalized gifts make for a timeless keepsake of your love. The perfect gift for new couples starting their journey together. #EternalLove

koragarro wedding anniversary gift collection

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Gift for a budget :  Tips and Ideas

Med student Hannah in "breakthrough moments"

She is about moving to the United States in the fall to begin her #ucsd2025 medical study .

Our interview with young generation about dreams,  inspiration, motivation and challenge ...

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breakthrough moments Hannah interview koragarro

Women in Tech  - "breakthrough moments"

Women's Empowerment is one of the core values in Kora Garro. It's our great honor to introduce amazing women in different industries with their professional experiences and amazing stories.

This edition is about Julia, who is a senior manager in engineering, a pure male area 

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The Best fall 2021 Jewelry pieces
You'll Actually Be Excited to Wear

Necklaces and earrings, whether your taste is traditional or trendy, they are bound to make BFF status in your life. So if you're as excited as us about the coming fall after the different and difficult quarantine after quarantine periods is just about over (thank God), Kora Garro does not just envelop thoughts about meaningful everyday jewelry - feminine, sophisticated, and 

icon image

Cartilage earrings

How many types of ear piercings are there? How do you choose the one that suits you best? If you are considering giving yourself a new ear piercing and you are asking yourself one of these questions, read on, you will find all the answers you need!

icon image

Helix earrings

Designed to mix and match with your daily stack, this collection definitely elevates your fashion look. 

icon image

Tragus earrings

For the Tragus we love small hoops and simple stud earrings which are the most used piercing for this hole.

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Jewely Gifts For Best Friends

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" Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

– C.S. Lewis

Why Chain Necklace?

The chain necklaces are essential and timeless pieces you must have. Simple yet classic chain is something solid, simple, sturdy, and easy to style with other necklaces to create a layering look.  READ MORE...

How to wear Chain necklace?

Chain necklaces are neutral and the perfect choice that connects with all your outfits and helps you to build a bold statement look. They have a simple and clean design and are the timeless pieces you must have. READ MORE ...

Best Chain Necklaces Guide  - Koragarro

Best Chain necklaces for women

Either statement or delicate pieces, we have selected the best of the best to round out the season’s chicest iterations. Keep reading for your guide to the best designer chain-link necklaces for women. READ MORE ...

Best Chain necklaces for men

Nowadays, it’s trendy for men to wear jewelry around their neck for a little understate self-expression.READ MORE ...

how to layered necklace guide -  Koragarro


Layering Your Necklace

7 hacks for how to layer necklaces like a skilled fashionista to build your iconic stacking look.

Jewelry material guide - Koragarro


Jewelry Material Guide

Complete guide to jewelry materials to understand Which jewelry metal works best with both budget-friendly and stylish.

how to necklace chain length -jewelry guide - Koragarro


Necklace Chain Length

Confused about necklace chain length and not sure where to start? Or are you trying to find out how to choose the right necklace size that best suits you or the person you love? 

How to find online shopping coupons codes that work

The most useful tips for smart shopping online with trustable coupon codes.  Check our recommendations to get the best jewelry online shopping deals. READ MORE ... 

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