Hello and congratulations on your special day! "I do" and "get married" are two of the sweetest words we can say to each other.


Weddings are one of the most special moments in a couple's life, and finding the perfect gift to celebrate their union can be a daunting task. If you're looking to surprise the newlyweds with a thoughtful and meaningful gift, and we, Kora Garro, are thrilled to be able to offer heartfelt tips to help you choose the perfect wedding gift.

Consider the Couple's Interests and Hobbies

The best gifts are those that reflect the couple's interests and hobbies. It's important to put some thought into what the recipients might appreciate. Choosing a gift that reflects the couple's interests and hobbies is a great way to show that you care about them and that you've taken the time to consider their unique tastes.


For instance, if the couple loves to travel, you might consider purchasing a travel voucher that they can use to plan a future trip, or perhaps a set of top-quality luggage that they can take with them on their travels. If the couple are foodies, perhaps a cooking class or a high-end kitchen appliance could be the perfect fit.


Alternatively, if the couple share an interest in astronomy, you might consider incorporating a star map theme into your gift. One option could be to create a customized star map of the night sky from their wedding day or the day they first met, which would make for a unique and memorable piece of art that they can display in their home.

By putting some extra effort into selecting a gift that is tailored to the couple's interests, you can show them just how much you care and make their special day even more memorable.


Personalize the Gift

Adding a personal touch to your gift can make it even more special for the couple. Not only does it show that you put thought and effort into the gift, but it also creates a lasting memory for the couple to cherish. There are many ways to personalize a gift, such as adding their names, wedding date, or a special message.

For example, you could create a customized photo album with pictures of the couple, or a monogrammed throw blanket with their initials. Another great way to add a personal touch is to commission a piece of artwork featuring the couple's names or a special message. A star map theme is also a great opportunity for personalization - you could add the couple's names, wedding date, and a special message to the map art.

No matter what type of personalized gift you choose, it is sure to be a cherished reminder of the couple's special day for years to come.

The idea of commissioning a piece of custom products that incorporates symbols or elements that are significant to new couple. This would be a unique and personal way to commemorate their special day and create a lasting memory, check the recommendations here:

Personalized Map Art 🗺️

For example, if they enjoy traveling, you could include maps of the different countries or cities they have visited together. Alternatively, if they are foodies, you could include maps of the neighborhoods or restaurants where they have enjoyed memorable meals.

If the couple are avid travelers, a Personalized map art is a unique and thoughtful way to commemorate the places that are meaningful to the couple. By incorporating the places, they have gone together, you are creating a visual representation of their journey as a couple. This type of map allows the couple to mark off all the places they have visited together and plan their future adventures.

Adventure Together Blanket (Left) and Love Story Map Blanket(Right)

You can also add personalized touches, such as their names or a special message, to make the map even more meaningful. Another option could be to create a custom travel journal or scrapbook for the couple to document their travels and memories together.

This personalized gift will show that you've put thought into their shared passion for travel and that you wish them a lifetime of exciting adventures together.

✨Personalized Star Map Art ✨

This romantic and unique gift captures the exact alignment of the stars on the couple's wedding day, creating a stunning visual representation of their love and commitment.

The Night We Met Star Map Poster - Digital download-USD $14.99 

The night sky map is not only a beautiful piece of art, but it is also highly personal and meaningful. It celebrates the special moment when the couple said "I do" and exchanged vows, and provides a lasting reminder of that magical day.

The Night We Met Star Map Blanket (From USD$65)


There are several options available for customizing the night sky map, including the choice of color scheme, font, and even the location of the map. Kora Garro also offer the ability to add a personalized message or quote to the print.

Our Story Start Personalized Blanket (From USD$65)


Don't Be Afraid to Go off-Registry

While it's always a good idea to check the couple's wedding registry for gift ideas, don't be afraid to go off-registry if you have a great idea. Going off-registry can show that you've put extra thought and effort into finding the perfect gift. Just make sure that the gift you choose is something the couple will love and use. A star map theme or personalized map art may not be on their registry, but they will surely appreciate the thought and effort put into such a unique and personalized gift.

Consider the Practicalities

When choosing a wedding gift, it's important to consider the practicalities. For example, if the couple is moving into a new home, a practical gift like a vacuum cleaner or a set of pots and pans could be much appreciated. Similarly, if the couple is planning a honeymoon, a gift that can be used on their trip would be a thoughtful choice. For a star map theme or personalized map art, you can choose to have it printed on canvas or framed, making it a practical gift that can be displayed in their home.

Dress it up Stylishly

Finally, don't forget to wrap your gift nicely. Presentation is everything, and a beautifully wrapped gift can make all the difference. Choose a wrapping paper that reflects the couple's style, and add a ribbon or bow for an extra touch of elegance.




In conclusion, with these tips, you'll be able to choose the perfect wedding gift for the happy couple, whether it's a star map theme, personalized map art, or any other thoughtful and meaningful gift, and make their special day even more memorable.


🎁 Happy gifting! 🎁



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