Necklaces and earrings, whether your taste is traditional or trendy, they are bound to make BFF status in your life. So if you're as excited as us about the coming fall after the different and difficult quarantine after quarantine periods is just about over (thank God), Kora Garro does not just envelop thoughts about meaningful everyday jewelry - feminine, sophisticated, and a little bit fun.

 koragarro jewelry trend 2021 fall


You will expect things like trendy chain links, layered necklaces, baroque pearl chokers, cartilage earrings and timeless hoop earrings that will have your back-to-school fresh look or camera-ready for a great zoom meeting. 

Keep scrolling for the best jewelry trends that you find an effortless yet meaningful way to dress up any look.


Chain and Chokers

Chain links have been H-U-G-E lately, from dainty to bold style, from classic cuban chain, figaro chain, and robe chain to trendy-must flat snake herringbone chain, they are going anywhere and everywhere. You can keep it simple with these chains or layer your favorite pieces together to have an edgy twist. 

 koragarro chain choker necklace

From top left,  Madison choker, Madison Lux, Harper choker, Stella gold and silver, Kennedy gold and silver


Baroque Pearls

Pearls are no longer just for your grandmother. From drop earrings to layered necklaces, especially baroque pearls, you will find the unique beautiful stones in a mix of silhouettes down the runways. Baroque pearl choker necklace will stand out whether worn alone or layered. Edgy chain links mixed with delicate pearls make the coolest bracelets.

koragarro pearl necklace earrings baruoque pearl jewelry

From top left,  Galia necklace, Isla choker, Zoe necklace, Gigi earrings



Layered Necklaces

Layering fashion is a perf statement necklace that'll really highlight your neckline. So lookout for this crushed personal vibe when picking out your next jewelry piece. 



koragarro layering necklace chain necklace

From top left,  New York set, Shanghai set, Los Angeles set


In order to know choose the core piece to complement your personal style, read further to find out the symbolic jewelry that tells your particular story.


Meaningful Symbolic Jewelry

Meaningful necklaces and earrings are both chic and delightful. They are the core pieces to send a mix of gorgeous styles from the runway to everyday casual street style to black-tie baubles.

Cross Pendant

Cross necklaces and earrings are extremely popular and made as thoughtful jewelry pieces and gifts for any occasion. Cross necklaces and earrings are simple, timeless yet chic designs. It has a universal size and can be worn by both men and women. It is perfect to be worn with anything whether it is for a formal event or just a casual meet-up. 

 koragarro cross necklace earrigns


Evil Eye - Protection

The evil eye is a historic symbol believed to be the protection from evil spirits in many cultures. Back to at least the 6th century BC, the evil eye commonly appeared on drinking vessels. In ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus is to protect pharaohs in their afterlife. We have not fully passed the difficult pandemic, we see the need for everyone to acquire something to empower, elegant and meaningful collection which will boost good luck and protection.

koragarro evil eye necklace earrings


Butterfly - Miracle

Butterflies are symbols of the soul, femininity and metamorphosis. They are one of nature’s most ravishingly beautiful and fragile creatures. Whimsically colorful, so light and graceful on the wing, the butterfly presents every distinguished character of each individual. Butterflies also are a reminder that we have the opportunity to pursue our dreams and inspire all to be the miracle of ourselves. 

 koragarro butterfly necklace bff necklace earrings


Heart, Padlock and Key

True love stories never have endings and all you need is love. Love never fails. 

How do you feel about padlocks on jewelry? Just like chunky chain necklaces, lock details are in. Necklaces and earrings with padlocks on them were seen on the runways and street style.

Padlock and Key in jewelries have coded messages as tokens of affection and passion—or being locked in love.

koragarro heart necklace safetypin earrings padlock necklace

Serpents - Wisdom

Choose your serpent(snake) jewelry piece necklace to go with you in fall, why don't ya?

Serpents are spiritually considered as wisdom and transformation instead of common fear. Snake motifs are one of the earliest ancient and culturally diverse mythological symbols and icons prominently in jewelry. 

Back in 1840, Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a snake ring set with her birthstone, an emerald, as her engagement ring, which quickly started the trend for serpentine adornments, which were ancient symbols of eternal love. 

 koragarro serpent earrings snake stud hoop earrings


When it comes to wearing and collecting snake jewelry, it is a must to have one coiling around your finger, slithering up your ear or sliding around your neck. Everyone will be asking where you got it.


Star and moon - Guide and direction

I think I'm seeing stars with this pretty trend. Okay, I know, I'll see myself out. These star earrings are definitely an upgrade from your regular hoops. Your earlobes will resemble the night sky with these sparkly star studs. 

koragarro moon necklace crescent necklace  

From left, Britt necklace, Celeste necklace, Elena Hoops, Half moon initial necklace, Lucia necklace

koragarro star necklace

From left, Arpina necklace, Aurora necklace, Nova hoops, Toril cartilage flat stud


Initial necklace and Personalized jewelry 

Initial necklace and personalized jewelry will never disappoint you. How pretty is this dainty initial necklace?! A personalized necklace or custom friendship bracelet is just as pretty as it is practical. They are for you and only for you.  

 koragarro custom necklace initial necklace

 From left, Heidi initial necklaceKira necklace, Talia inital necklace gold and silverkoragarro custom bracelet friendship barcelet

From left, Be yourself bar necklace, Joy friendship bracelet gold and silver


Cartilage Earrings

These cartilage earrings are the perf way to be on trend in 2021. So chic! You'll be vacay-ready (even if it's just in your head) in no time for your ear party. Whether for day or black tie, these earrings are more versatile than you'd think. Stack these babies in your ear!

 koragarro cartilage earring


Essential Hoop Earrings 

A hoop earring is a jewelry staple, simple, timeless and the must have pieces — will get all the compliments as always.

 kora garro hoop earrings

 From top left,  Morgan hoops, Victoria hoops, Cyra hoops, Rebecca hoops, Kalen hoops



The Best Fall Jewelry Trend 2021

✨✨✨ Enjoy Fall Esthetic !✨✨✨

--- Kora Garro







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