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What do best friends mean to you? With getting mature, you are becoming more and more enjoy and cherish friendship. It's not as emotional as love, nor unavoided trivial troubles in the family. The pleasant and relaxed feelings connect people in this world who are most similar to yourself in spirit without pressure and constraint.


 “Once You've Met Someone You Never Really Forget Them. It Just Takes A While For Your Memories To Return.”
- 千と千尋の神隠し (Spirited Away)

Looking for some unique jewelry gifts for your BFF? Take your time to scroll down and find our best friends collection including Chain necklaces, Butterfly, Heart, Padlock, Evil eyes, Star&Moon and Personalized collection, choose meaningful jewelry for every day!


Chain Necklaces

Chain necklaces are the perfect gift to BFF to build a stylish layering look with an edgy twist because Chain links have been H-U-G-E lately, especially when layering with personalized pieces - chic, special and meaningful, definitely a trendy must for everywhere.  

 koragarro chain choker necklace

From top left,  Madison choker, Madison Lux, Harper choker, Stella gold and silver, Kennedy gold and silver

Butterfly necklace - Believe in miracle

Thank you my BFF, you are the one helping me to awaken that I will be an amazingly beautiful butterfly when I am still a caterpillar. As said, we need to see ourselves as basic miracles. You are exactly the one who encourages and challenges me to be better everyday. We strung together to tell the incredible experiences and moments we went through in our lives. Dance like the astonishing butterfly in your wonderful performance wherever you are, may my heart be with you and may my love remind you that you are all the reasons to fly.


kora garro butterfly necklace butterfly earrings

From top left, Bailey necklace, Atrid studs, Mirri necklace, Lilac hoops


Heart, Padlock and Key - Love in Connection

Love, connection, and understanding are the keys to best friends. All the moments shared, the endless stupid laughter, or the sometimes ridiculous messages and talks. Friendship is the love connection between us like padlock represents the synergy of utility and luxury. It is so playful and we know the key to help, support, appreciate and love each other to enrich the value of our lives. Thanks for bringing light to the world around me, and we watch us make the impossible possible.

kora garro heart necklace

koragarro padlock necklace heart earring key necklace



Evil Eye -  Good luck with Protection

We have not fully passed the difficult pandemic, we see the needs for all loved friends to acquire something to empower, elegant and meaningful collection which will boost good luck and protection.

koragarro evil eye necklace earrings



Moon, star and sun - Light dreams

Best friends see each other with gorgeous light, shine with an undeniable brightness and direct each other on the right path, especially in the darkest time. There are moments when I do not see the sun during the day, moon and stars at night but my BFF, you are around, thanks for always being a part of my world, and thanks for presuming our dreams together because you make me know the dreams are not untouchable. No matter the distance we are now,  we are always and forever - eliminating darkness and lighting brighter than ever.

We are each other’s sun, moon and star in different moments, and those are the moments in our hearts forever. 


koragarro moon necklace


koragarro star earrings star necklace

From top left, Elena hoops, Crescent studs, Nova hoops gold and silver, Eva helix hoopKai necklace


Pearl choker necklace - Cherish unique

We get together on the basis of our similarities; we grow on the basis of our differences.  - Virginia Satir

Best friends cherish all aspects of each other with the shared interests and the unforgettable experience gone through together. At the same time, best friends also respect and value the difference in between because this brings inspiration and fresh air for you up to the next level.  With the unique and gorgeous shape, every single Baroque pearl presents best friends, with shared common fields and brilliant individual talents. Save pearl choker necklace to honor and gift to your BFF.


koragarro pearl necklace


Initial necklace - Classic personalization

The Custom Initial Necklace is simple and classic with a touch of personalization and one of the best friends gifts options to the one you love in a unique and meaningful way. Initial your heart with love. These close to heart necklaces are completely meaningful. Because no matter where best friends are going, they mean a lot to us. Layering the initial necklace with our timeless chain choker rocks the stylish look in second.


koragarro custom necklace sterling silver personalized necklace

  From left, Heidi initial necklace, Kira necklaceGreta personalized necklace


koragarro custom necklace

   From left, Beyourself bar necklace, Chain necklace, Talia necklace

Trinity - Stick Connection

Friendship connects and stays forever in your life no matter where you are. Best friends are vitally important to the story of your whole life journey. They are the ones who are with you and share the tears and joys. And you support each other to reach your highest point in life. As the perfect minimalist Trinity presents thought-provoking meaning –  growing, changing, and improving from yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Love your best friends fiercely, and save the meaningful Trinity collection for your BFF.


koragarro trinity earring cartilage earrings open hoops






“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
– C.S. Lewis





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