koragarro cartilage earring helix tragus jewelry stud hoop earrings


Multiple ear piercings sure now become the new symbol for the fashion looks wherever you are. In addition to the traditional looks and it’s become about presenting unique anatomy and creating something that flows your aesthetically.


The key thing that rocks your ear party is to choose the dainty, delicate jewels. Here are Kora Garro cartilage earrings that fit all occasions and outfits.


The most popular non-lobe positions are helix, tragus, and daith piercings. Before we start, check the size of Kora Garro recommendations for each piercing.



kora garro cartilage piercings


kora garro cartilage earring inner diameter


Cartilage studs

Stud earrings are perfect for minimalist style but still want to add some glam. Suitable for most all your cartilage piercings, helix, tragus, daith, conch and others, Delicate and tiny earrings suit every ear design, get all your ear piercing constellations right here.

 koragarro cartilage stud earrings helix tragus stud earrings

From top left,  trinity stud gold and silver, Love stud,  blossom stud gold and silver, Clara studcross stud, lightning bolt stud


Cartilage hoops

Hoop earrings are both must pieces for both ear lobe and cartilage piercings especially for dainty and delicate hoops. Dainty hoops are great for helix, tragus, daith, conch and others. Mix simple gold hoops and studs to start curating your ear party.


koragarro cartilage hoop helix hoop tragus hoop earring

koragarro cartilage hoop helix hoop tragus daith hoop earring

From top left, Gin Hoop, Lyn Hoop,Bria hoop, Arya hoopMae hoop, Ana Hoop


koragarro cartilage hoop helix tragus hoop earring

From top left, Serpent studSedu hoop, Olympia hoopEva hoop, Paxe hoop, Sadie ear cuff


Dangle earrings and Chain earrings 

Upgrade your “Ear art” with unique, meaningful, and versatile dangle options to enhance your curated ear, personal style and individuality. Wearing dangle or chain style on lobe piercing more like a sting or a scratch, mixing with studs on the helix, conch, daith, or tragus definitely makes the most beautiful earrings stacking.

 koragarro chain earring cartilage earrings

 From left,  Kiwi chain earring, Lexi chain hoop, Layla hoop



Earring sets

Earring sets are the best and effortless choice for your multi-piercings. Bundled with different styles, sizes and dimensions, your ear party will get one shot with everything perfect.

koragarro earring sets multi piercings earring sets
 From left,  Ruth set, Remy set, Lumi set
koragarro earring sets multi piercings earring sets

From top left,  Alba set, Jett set, Morado set, Azura set


Silver tone earrings

Not only gold but check our silver pieces to rock your ear party.

 koragarro silver earring

 From top left,  Sedu hoop, Adele ear cuff, Bead hoop, Lexi chain hoop, Pavati ear cuff, Rainbow clip ear cuff 



Multiple piercings are cooler than ever, and it's a look that's accessible to everyone. Here's everything you need to know about how to create a curated ear.



Best cartilage earrings for multi piercings 2021

✨✨✨ Customize your Earscape and Happy curating! ✨✨✨

--- Kora Garro






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