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In our "breakthrough moments" edition, Garnet, founder of Kora Garro Jewelry, meets with Julia, complete her study and starts career in US then a senior manager in Engineering Body & Exterior Department of General Motors China, to disscuss women empower, balanceing work and womenhood, overcoming career challenges and her recommendation for women fashion in tech area.




As a senior manager in the automobile engineering area in General Motors, how and what keeps motivated you to work in the tech part?

In general, as engineers, we are constantly changing the world with innovations and solutions that affect everyone's lives. The Automotive Engineering is very interesting. The work is challenging and requires various skills. I like the dynamic part of the work, everyday we face something new, solve problems and make things work. I feel our work is very meaningful. 

I love the fact that teamwork is so common in engineering, being surrounded by smart minds and joyful characters is fun to work. 

I also love GM, great company which gave me lots of opportunities. 

All these motivated me to do my work. 


If you have to describe the Tech women's experience in one word, what will you say? Why?

I would say “Proud”. I feel proud to be a woman engineer in the automotive field.

 koragarro women empowerment pround of women in tech


Would you please share some of your breakthrough moments as a tech woman in your career or life? 

We design, engineer and manufacture vehicles. When new vehicles are being launched in the assembly plant, the whole team was in the plant day and night, solving problems with solutions...  Watching the new vehicles off line and going to the customers was enjoyable. It made me feel Engineering is one of the most rewarding and fun professions in the world.



What are you most proud of? 

I am most proud of having had a good engineering career with General Motors, good friends from work.



What do you think charisma for women? What does that impact your style?

The word that came to my mind is “Sincere”. This has been what I want to be at work to colleagues and bosses, as well as to people outside of work.


 koragarro dainty meaningful necklace

Dainty necklace from left: Angela necklace, Coco necklace, Clio necklace



What does fashion mean to you? What do you want to encourage tech women to be?

I think fashion is to show people who look at you what choices you make, what type of person you are, and sometimes give people an idea of your personality. It is how you differentiate yourself from other people, basically to show your preference. 

I would say: Be yourself.


 koragarro personalized necklace initial necklace name necklace

Click to check be yourself personalized bar necklace



Which pieces you will recommend in Kora Garro?

When I check Kora Garro official site, I have to say that they all look very nice, and I especially love Safetypin Hoop, Morgan Hoops and NYC layering set, for the simplity and meaningful.

 koragarro safetypin earring layered necklace gold hoops


What will you advise the young girls on daily style who are working in the technology? What will you want to say to your daughter? 

I would say: Be yourself, be confident, be strong, be thankful, keep smiling😊.



Imagine you are a flower, which flower you think you would like to be? Why?

I would like to be a lily ⚜️. I like the smell, and lily flowers are symbolic of purity, peace, hope, faith...



Per privacy request, we protect all personal information for Julia. 







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