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What and Why chain necklaces?

The chain necklaces are essential and timeless pieces you must have. Simple yet classic chain is something solid, simple, sturdy, and easy to style with other necklaces to create a layering look.
They are effortless and perfect work on various occasions, you can simply get a rock feel by adding a statement chain on the dainty pendant necklace.

What are different types of necklace chains?

We help you list the 2021 most popular chain necklaces for you:
types of chain necklaces


1. Herringbone Chain – The herringbone chain is a flat necklace characterized by v-shaped links in alternating directions. Perfect for choker necklace option.

2. Cuban Chain - as variations of the curb chain necklace, cuban chain is the hot one to choose and together with your other necklaces to create a fashion-forward layering look.

3. Paper Clip Chain - It's simply stunning. Elegant, drop-dead gorgeous and affordable.

4. Figaro Chain – A variation of the curb chain and root in Italy, the Figaro chain gets its name from the title character in The Barber of Seville, a famous Italian opera. Typically, the pattern is of 1 large link followed by 2-3 shorter links.

5. Cable Chain - The most popular chain for holding a cross, coin or pendant. Also called O Chain.

6. Box Chain – Square links give the box chain its name. Box chain necklaces are found in a variety of widths and great for hanging pendants.

7. Ball Chain – The ball chain (bead chain) is most often used for dog tags and keychains and gives a cool, street-smart look.

8. Rope Chain – The rope chain consists of chain links twisted together and resembles rope. Rope chain necklaces are known for their strength and are often used with pendants.

Necklace vs Chain

Necklaces and Chains both go around your neck to make everyday look greater. The difference between necklace and chain is whether they have a pendant or not. Chains usually do not have anything hanging from them. Necklaces usually have a charm(small size) or pendant (large size) attached to a chain necklace, which makes the necklace more meaningful, for example, coin necklaces, star necklaces.
Chain only necklace is simple but a must-have piece for your jewelry collection. The chain necklace varies in size, which is perfect to wear on its own, or the ideal option to layer with other necklaces and chokers to enhance the overall stylish outlook. And try with the chunky size to give you an unexpected feel about how fabulous you are.

How long is a chain necklace? What size chain necklace do I need?

We know that getting the perfect size of necklace can make a huge difference especially when you want to impress someone. Knowing these difficulties, we've come up with this helpful handy length guide to make your life a little easier before you purchase necklaces or chains.
Either dainty necklace or statement pieces offer many different lengths, widths, and styles, most will fall into the same range. Industry-standard includes five different lengths between 14” up to 36” for women and four 18” up to 24” for men. It is necessary to consider how far each size will come down the front of your chest that fits factors beyond your outfit and personal style.

Length (in) Length(cm)

16 --- 40

18 --- 45

20 --- 50

24 --- 61

30 --- 76

36 --- 91

gold necklace koragarro

Necklace lengths women

  • 14” (35cm)Necklace - also called Choker Necklace. A short length necklace closely around the neck. We recommend dainty necklace or simple herringbone chain for the best look. A Choker necklace is also great for your layering look.
  • 16” (40cm) Necklace- Perfectly around the base of your neck similar to a collar. On petite women, this size will most hang loosely at the collarbone while sits as a choker for plus size women.
  • 18” (45cm) Necklace - also called princess. Like the name, this necklace will sit elegantly on the collarbone right below the throat. This is also the most popular size when adding pendants as it will hang right over a crew neck t-shirt.
    Most of our necklace chain length is 16” (40cm) with a 2”(5cm) extender. You can freely play with the chain length to make a trendy layering look.
  • 20”(50cm) Necklace - also called matinee. It will usually fall a few inches below your collarbone and great to be the last piece for your layered necklace set, as well as when you wear turtlenecks or with a deep V-neckline.
  • 24” (61cm) Necklace - also called opera. Perfect for longer necklaces fans.

Our Tips for necklace size:

  • Tips #1: Since the Choker necklace is kind of closely around your neck. It’s better to take the time to measure your neck before purchasing any choker.
  • Tips#2: Your height is an important factor to consider when choosing the necklace length. You will look best in 16” to 20” inch necklace chain lengths. if you are below 5’4”. A long necklace tends to overwhelm a smaller frame.
  • Tips#3: Remember that people’s eyes will stop at the point where your necklace ends. Bring the focus where you want to have attention. For example, a long thin chain or long layered chains would look great on women with a smaller bust.

If you’re looking for the perfect necklace, step into our jewelry online store to browse our selection. We’ll help you identify the right necklace, chain or pendant to match your loved one’s preferences and personality.

How to wear a chain necklace?

Mixing different chains for layering look
Chain necklaces are neutral and the perfect choice that connects with all your outfits and helps you to build a bold statement look. They have a simple and clean design and are the timeless pieces you must have. You may want to try to layer a paper clip chain, a Cuban chain, a herringbone chain and a box chain. Alternatively you can play with other models and replace as you wish, it will definitely make a statement without feeling too over-the-top. However remember that your necklace combination should look harmonious and sophisticated, not messy and overloaded.

Check our Hacks To Layer Your Necklaces Like a Skilled Fashionista.

2021 best layered necklaces set

Herringbone chain: Stella Chain, Del Chain, NYC set, Shanghai Set, Stella Silver

2021 Best Chain necklaces for women

Either statement or delicate pieces, we have selected the best of the best to round out the season’s chicest iterations. Keep reading for your guide to the best designer chain-link necklaces for women.

 best gold chain necklace - koragarro

Paperclip chain: Madison LuxHerringbone chain Stella Cuban chain: Del Gold Choker: Harper

gold necklace - koragarro

Necklace with pendant: Greta, Cora, Lia, CocoFleur de Lis, Clio, Arpina 

Best chain necklace for men

Nowadays, it’s trendy for men to wear jewelry around their neck for a little understate self-expression. Silver is an effortless, comfortable and classic option when it comes to men’s necklaces and should be considered your safe space.

The thickness of the chain will determine just how much of a statement your new accessory will make. If you’re going for a simple design without a pendant, a thickness of around 2 – 6mm and a length between 18 and 22 inches (finishing just below the collar bone) works well for most men.

If you’re only wearing a chain (and aren’t looking for a statement-making necklace), a width of 2-6 mm is a good start.

best chain necklace for men - koragarro

Cuban ChainBox chainFigaro chain

Where to buy chain necklaces?

Buying jewelry online comes with its benefits - not only will you have a massive worldwide inventory to choose from but you will also have competitive prices and the convenience of comparing the products from different vendors. We list the best 10 places for your chain necklace.

1. Amazon: the greatest variety

The selection of chains on Amazon is massive and has everything from inexpensive gold-plated chains to high-end solid gold styles.

While Amazon provides choice, it’s up to you to do your due diligence to ensure that you aren’t getting ripped off. Always check each individual seller’s policies and track record.Click here to shop women's chain necklaces - Amazon.com.

2. Etsy : Extensive collection vintage and hand-crafted gold chains

Etsy has grown within the space of a few years to become a dominant force in hand-crafted jewelry by small businesses. Click here to shop chain necklace in Etsy.

3. Chain Necklaces - Walmart.com

4. Chain Necklaces - Macy's

5. Women's Necklaces - Nordstrom

6. Chain Necklaces for Women | DAVID YURMAN

7. Chain Necklaces | Missoma Limited

8. Chain Necklace | Mejuri

9. Chain Necklaces | Zales

10. Chain Necklaces | JTV.com 

 How to clean a chain necklace like a pro?

Clean your chain necklace with a soft microfiber cloth that you soak in warm water. Rub it gently until you remove all the dirt and let it dry off. To prevent your necklace from getting tangled inside the jewelry box, store it on a necklace tree. Keep your chic necklace away from water and don’t let it near harsh chemicals like perfumes and body lotions.

Always play by the ‘last on, first off’ rule. When you’re not wearing the chains, the biggest thing to remember is to avoid washing in them, or indeed swimming, and the sunlight.

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