Are you confused about necklace chain length and not sure where to start? Or are you trying to find out how to choose the right necklace size that best suits you or the person you love?

A necklace can be a great finishing touch for almost any outfit. However, the length of the necklace can drastically affect the overall appearance of that outfit. When selecting the perfect necklace, there are many details you should consider like your face shape, height, and your body type. We suggest you also check the color, shape, length, and style of the necklace that would complement your look.

We know it can be tricky to work out. And we also know that getting the right size can make a huge difference especially when you want to impress someone. Knowing these difficulties we've come up with this helpful handy length guide to make your life a little easier before you purchase necklaces or chains.

Either dainty necklace or statement pieces offer many different lengths, widths, and styles, most will fall into the same range. Industry-standard includes five different lengths between 14” up to 36” for women and four 18” up to 24” for men. It is necessary to consider how far each size will come down the front of your chest that fits factors beyond your outfit and personal style.

Length (in)    Length(cm)

16                     40

18                     45

20                     50

24                     61

30                     76

36                     91


Necklace lengths women

14” (35cm)Necklace - also called Choker Necklace. A short length necklace closely around the neck. We recommend dainty necklace or simple herringbone chain for the best look. A Choker necklace is also great for your layering look.

16” (40cm) Necklace- Perfectly around the base of your neck similar to a collar. On petite women, this size will most hang loosely at the collarbone while sits as a choker for plus size women.

18” (45cm) Necklace - also called princess. Like the name, this necklace will sit elegantly on the collarbone right below the throat. This is also the most popular size when adding pendants as it will hang right over a crew neck t-shirt.

Most of our necklace chain length is 16” (40cm) with a 2”(5cm) extender. You can freely play with the chain length to make a trendy layering look.

20”(50cm) Necklace - also called matinee. It will usually fall a few inches below your collarbone and great to be the last piece for your layered necklace set, as well as when you wear turtlenecks or with a deep V-neckline. 

24” (61cm) Necklace - also called opera. Perfect for longer necklaces fans.

Our Tips:

Tips #1: Since the Choker necklace is kind of closely around your neck. It’s better to take the time to measure your neck before purchasing any choker.

Tips#2: Your height is an important factor to consider when choosing the necklace length. You will look best in 16” to 20” inch necklace chain lengths. if you are below 5’4”. A long necklace tends to overwhelm a smaller frame.

Tips#3: Remember that people’s eyes will stop at the point where your necklace ends. Bring the focus where you want to have attention. For example, a long thin chain or long layered chains would look great on women with a smaller bust.

If you’re looking for the perfect necklace, step into our jewelry online store to browse our selection. We’ll help you identify the right necklace, chain or pendant to match your loved one’s preferences and personality.


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