koragarro layered necklaces and chain choker necklaces


The cool fresh air means that fall is right around the corner.  Jewelry is always the best for mood-lifting pieces to brighten our days up.  Since the pandemic, these gold bling bling really helped us feel dressed up for any last-minute zoom calls, and throwing some on is a quick and easy way to make any outfit (no matter how casual) look put together.




With the world opening up, people are eager to show off their style, and some of the best jewelry trends are ones you might have seen before— chains and layering necklaces are obviously not a new trend. In the coming Fall 2021, you’ll see chains and layered necklaces evolve even further!  From chic elegant style to a statement look, check out below our 7 easy and stylish hacks to find out how to layer necklaces like a skilled fashionista and use your creativity to build your iconic stacking look. 


koragarro layered necklaces set chain necklaces choker gold necklaces
From top left,  New York setLos Angeles set, Tokyo set


Tip #1  Start your layering set with 2 to 4 necklaces

Otherwise, you will get messy and frustrated with tangling. Stay in one tone, gold or silver at your choice. Mixing metals totally works too, however it can be harder to get the right match.



Tip #2  Layer by mixing chains

koragarro chain choker necklace

From top left,  Isla choker, Madison Lux, Harper choker, Stella gold and silver, Kennedy gold and silver


Chain necklaces are Simple yet classic chain links that have been a test of time from dainty to chunky bold. Life is all about balance after all. You can play with other models and size, replace them as you wish, it will definitely make a statement without feeling too over-the-top. 


 koragarro chain necklace

 From top left,  Eden figaro chain gold and silver, Paris necklace set, Stella silverKennedy silver


koragarro delicate chain necklace


However remember that your necklace combination should look harmonious and sophisticated, not messy and overloaded.



Tip #3 Layer Up with the Meaningful CORE piece

Meaningful pendants are both chic and delightful and empower you to build a unique and special personal collection. 



koragarro butterfly necklace best friends necklaces



Nature & Culture -  Appreciation and Protection

Nature & Culture inspired necklaces are one of the most captivating accessories that honor the things on our living planet. They are versatile, charming and with exceptional meanings behind them. 

Now we see the need for everyone to acquire something to empower, elegant and meaningful collection which will boost good luck and protection.


koragarro nature theme flower necklace lily rose necklace

 From top left,  Sunflower necklace, Lily necklace, Fleur-De-Lis necklace, Rose necklace


Celestial Theme - Star, Moon, and Sun

These celestial theme star, moon, and sun pieces are definitely an upgrade from your layered stylish, Your neck will resemble the amazing sky with these sparkling pieces.

koragarro layered necklaces

 From left, Britt necklaceCeleste necklaceShanghai set, Aurora necklace, My sunshine necklace



Coin Necklace

Coin necklace, the ubiquitous key piece to anchor the look and the perfect starting point when layering.

 koragarro layered necklaces set

 From left, Roma necklace, Saint Michael necklace, Liberty necklace set, Angel wing necklace, Angel necklace


Initial necklace and Personalized jewelry 

Initial necklace and personalized jewelry will never disappoint you. How pretty is this dainty initial necklace?! They are taking  your look to the next level by layering personalized pieces.

koragarro personalized layered necklaces


Heart, Padlock, and Key

True love stories never have endings and all you need is love. Love never fails. Padlock and Key in jewelry have coded messages as tokens of affection and passion—or being locked in love.

koragarro heart necklace

 From left, Cora necklaceGreta necklace,  Coco necklace, Charlotte necklace, Chole necklace,Claire necklace  



Cross Pendant

Cross necklaces and earrings are extremely popular and made as thoughtful jewelry pieces and gifts for any occasion. Choose cross pendant as the core piece for your layering look is simple, timeless yet chic. 


koragarro layered necklaces



Tip #4 Layer necklaces by length

Check our necklace chain length chart first for a general idea based on the average size. Select your short, medium, and long necklace chain length. The secret is to give space and breath among them, leaving gaps between the chains. 

koragarro necklace length chart guide

It is also important to choose the one you want to bring more attention to, leaving the others with dainty necklace pieces. Wearing different lengths of layered necklaces will give you superpowers by adding volume and dimension to your basic look and can transform a simple white T-shirt into an elegant and chic vibe.


Tip #5 Pre-Layered Necklaces

We have done all the hard work for you by selecting some exclusively Pre-layered options. The “All-in-one" layered necklace sets are pre-stacked and can actually be of great value acquisition, with a lower cost than if you purchase every piece individually.

koragarro preset layered necklace set

From top left,  Natalia set, Estelle set, Wendy set


Tip #6 Try long necklaces

If you have a bigger bust keep the layers above the “girls”. Or if you are a smaller bust woman, layering with a long-length necklace is great for you.


Tip #7 How to avoid a layered necklace from tangled?

If you want to avoid tangles altogether, you should definitely try to wear a necklace's detangler. You can easily purchase on Amazon or Etsy.

If you are looking for the perfect necklace, step into our jewelry online store to browse our selection. We’ll help you identify the right necklace, chain, or pendant to match your loved one’s preferences and personality.



layered necklaces

✨✨✨ Build something sweet and unique for every day.  ✨✨✨ 


Kora Garro






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