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 AS part of our campaign “For Breakthrough My Limits”, we’re pleased to introduce the “Breakthrough Moments”, our inspirational women series of interviews that aims to highlight amazing women across the globe, showcase their accomplishments for life and raise their voices.

We hope these inspiring stories of inclusion and impact will encourage young women to go further in pursuing their dreams and not settle for less. 

We believe firmly in a fair, equal, and diverse world and want to inspire the current and next generations of women and girls to have their voices heard, be given opportunities, support, and motivation to make their lives better. 


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We launch the interview series this week with 
#ucsd2025 Med student - Hannah
she will move to the United States in the fall 
to begin her study in biology.

What drives you to pursue your dreams?

My dream to go to Medical School is driven by a passion for helping other people and show love to them. As a youth, I think a lot about the impact I’ll leave on those I know – whether I’ll be someone others will feel loved by, or rejected by. That question motivates my interactions with other people, my worldview, and my passions.

What are you most proud of? What do you hope to achieve during your study abroad experience?

What I’m most proud of is, perhaps surprisingly, not tangible. I am very appreciative of my empathy because I know that it was a gift. It has played a large role in shaping who I am today: my passions, my goals, and my relationships. More importantly, it’s allowed me to better understand my religion; to develop and desire a relationship with a God who is also emotional, also loving.

Materially speaking, I think I’m good at photography and am deeply thankful to be. Photography has been my creative outlet for years, and it’s extremely gratifying to see how my style has evolved with me over the years.

As I go to university, I’m excited to grow in my identity. I’m excited to meet new people, probably more than I have ever met before, and learn about other cultures. Yet, at the same time, I hope to never lose sight of who I am and the values that I have.

Who inspire you?

Editor: I know you are following some Med students on social media, in your view, what do they have in common? How do they inspire you?

Hannah: A lot of the medical students I follow are people who exemplify and encourage others to put in the dedication to pursue medicine. Perhaps one of the most inspirational things I can find in all these accounts is the humility to admit that medicine is difficult and that each person has – at some point – wanted to quit. 

Yet, as their stories testify, every one of them was able to reconnect with the initial motivation that pushed them to pursue medicine and serve others.


What is your experience with Kora Garro jewelry? How do you feel like being their model? 

Editor: Recently you have been invited to modeling in the new advertising campaign for Kora Garro Jewelry and we heard it was a great success. Can you share how your experience was? How do you feel like being their model?  Would you recommend them to others?

Hannah: As an avid photographer myself, I had expected to be asked to take photos for Kora Garro. When I was invited to model for them, I was pleasantly surprised and eager to say yes. 

Every time I’ve modeled with Kora Garro since has been really enjoyable because it’s more than just taking photos of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry symbolizes something, and it’s amazing to hear about their story, their deeper significance. 

I’d definitely recommend others to model for Kora, not just for the modeling opportunity, but for the genuine connections that emerge from each photoshoot.

Hannah picks from left: SUNSHINE Necklace, MINI Studs SetLOVE Necklace

What is your favorite lifestyle? What kind of jewelry do you usually wear?

As a student, my weeks consist largely of going to school, working on academics, and participating in extracurricular activities like clubs and my youth group. Since I’m pretty busy throughout the week, I prefer simple jewelry, something meaningful that will add to my outfit but not take too much effort to select or put on every morning.

How do you feel about power and personal influence? How do you want to inspire other people?

I find the power to be a large responsibility and believe it should always be shown in love

In the same way, our influence leaves lasting impacts on more people than we can imagine; therefore, it’s even more important to be vigilant about our motivation when speaking out in power or influence. One thing I strongly believe in is that everything should be done in love. Personally, I have seen selfishness and pride create more conflicts than they can mend; love has not.

Who do you go first when you need advice? Why?

When I need advice, I go to my parents first. 

They are role models for me, and as I grow older, I find that I appreciate them more and more. Not because they always know what to say, or that they’re always correct, but because they’re willing to humble themselves down if they don’t know something. Even if I don’t get the answer I want from them, I know what they’re saying is said out of a love that can only come from above. And even if they don’t know the answer, they are always more than willing to point me towards a God that does.

What motivates you?

My motivation stems largely from a desire to share God with other people. From my social media accounts to my career goals, I want to be used as a vessel to bring others to God. I’m by no means perfect at sticking to that motivation and allowing it to lead me every day, but I find that it is the foundation of my dreams and what I desire the most from my time on Earth.


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Hannah wears, STELLA Choker, Eden Chain, Maya EarringsRainbow Ear Cuff

What are the things that make you most excited about 2021? What are your wishes for future generations?

I’m excited for 2021 to bring change and growth. Every time I look back at the previous years, I see how the world and I have changed and grown. Even the more negative changes in the previous years are, when I look back at them now, times of maturing and have imparted onto me some of the most important lessons in my life.

For 2021 and the next generation, I’m just looking forward to seeing how society and I will grow. Frankly speaking, I think I’m excited to simply live in 2021 and to see the world continue to strive onwards.





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