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Imagine two individuals who are passionate but never quite satisfied working in the multinational corporate world. Sound familiar? GZ and RA certainly thought so too. They dreamt of starting something new, something that would allow them to channel their creative sides. Eventually, they took the plunge and started Kora Garro. 

GZ is an artist at heart, with a natural flair for creativity. Her love for colors, shapes, and textures inspires her to create unique and beautiful designs every day. RA, on the other hand, rational but pefectlist, brings structure and organization to everything he does, thanks to his expertise in numbers, technology, and marketing. Together, they form a perfect team – a balance of creativity and structure and with modern stylish style.



Starting a business is never easy, but GZ and RA faced the challenge head-on with immense courage, hard work, and dedication. Despite initial setbacks, they persevered and built Kora Garro into a successful company that stands out from the competition. Their commitment to design and quality has earned them a reputation for excellence. 


At Kora Garro, we're not just committed to delivering high-quality products – we're dedicated to customer satisfaction too. We understand that starting a business can be daunting, but our story is proof that with a clear vision, passion, and hard work, anything is possible. We hope to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

But that's not all. GZ and RA wanted to do more to empower people through their creativity, so they start from everyday Jewelry then expanded their product line to include personalized items like digital art, blankets, and wall art. By offering custom-made products, Kora Garro empowers individuals to embrace their unique lifestyles and personalities. We believe that everyone deserves to showcase their individuality and be proud of their home.


 Through all the challenges they faced, GZ and RA grew stronger and more resilient. They're grateful for their experiences and are excited for what lies ahead. We, KoraGarro, invite you to join us on this journey and let's create it together with #LetsCreateItTogether.


Your space, your style, your spirit – let's elevate your home décor with personalized, high-quality products that inspire self-expression.

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